Roof Moss Removal

Safely remove moss without the use of high or low pressure washing – Complete Roof Moss Removal Services

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Roof Moss Removal
Moss Removal – Before & After

“Don’t Let Moss Ruin Your Roof” is not just a catch phrase and here are some important reasons why:

  • Moss has no roots, instead moss spores are tiny and can be carried by the wind onto your roof, or carried by birds, etc. Allowing debris to build up, particularly in the valleys of your roof, will cause water pooling, restrict drainage and create an environment for the moss spores to grow. The spores attach themselves to the organic debris on your roof. It is recommended that debris be blown off your roof a minimum of twice a year, more often if needed.
  • Moss thrives in a damp shaded environment. A small amount is harmless, but when left untreated, moss can cause significant damage and degrade the integrity of your roof. Not only does moss ruin the appearance of your roof, moss also shortens the lifespan of your roof.
  • Moss grows in the cracks between each shingle, shake or tile and as it grows thicker it lifts and loosens the roofing material, allowing water to leak through causing damage. When the roofing materials are loosened they also become vulnerable to strong winds. Moss also absorbs water and retains the water for long periods. The moisture soaked moss can become heavy. Over time it can lead to mold, bacteria and the decay of the roof’s framing. Due to leaks, damage can extend to the interior of your home.

1st Rate Roof Care is experienced in the removal of moss, in a manner which does not destroy the granules of the composition shingles. We also remove moss from shake roofs, tile roofs and metal roofs. We recommend an annual or bi-annual follow-up. 1st Rate Roof Care provides personalized maintenance programs, which are cost effective and designed for your needs.

Your roof is a major investment in your home – call 1st Rate Roof Care today, for an evaluation and estimate, if recommended, schedule a professional roof cleaning with 1st Rate Roof Care.

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