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Your home is the biggest investment you will make in your lifetime. At 1st Rate Roof Care and Maintenance, we can appreciate that and make sure that we respect your home. As your local residential roofing contractor, we’d like to help you protect your investment by delivering top-notch quality and service. Our highly trained team promises to deliver on time and on budget! We provide roof repair and roofing all types of roofs, in all conditions. We fix dry rot and water damage, replace shingles, and provide complete roof replacements. Call today for a free estimate: 503-999-4769

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Traditional Tile Roof Repair
Malarkey Brand Shingles

Malarkey Brand Shingles

We use and highly recommend Malarkey Brand architecture shingles. Located and produced in the northwest, and I believe truly built for the northwest. A few reasons why I choose these shingles over all others:

1st: extremely pliable and forgiving – which is important considering all the handling one bundle goes through just to get to your roof. When I open the Malarkey package it is noticeable how little any initial granule loss there is by comparison to all other leading brands.

And to my 2nd point: superior granule adhesion, flexible and impact resistant. Long lasting and durable, these shingles can be counted on to protect your roof.

3rd: the nail zone. 3X wider than all other leading brands. Also known as the rain seal. This is where the top profile is laminated to the bottom.

This is important because an insufficient rain seal can lead to separation especially at time of handling as described above. And on low slope roofs separated rain seal may result in leakage.

Finally, with a wider nail zone, proper nail placement becomes 3X easier for the user.

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